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ReTreeUS is a nonprofit project, 501(c)3 under United Charitable, dedicated to promoting an environmentally sustainable, socially just food system.  We plant orchards with local schools and provide educational programs that empower young people and their families to grow their own home orchards and gardens.


With the support of foundations, other organizations, businesses, schools and individuals, ReTreeUS makes it possible for people to experience healthy living practices that benefit the environment. 


With your help ReTreeUS will be able to plant more orchards in schools, facilitate individuals to plant more backyard gardens and make healthy, sustainable food available to everyone.  Feel the good energy of becoming involved with our program by donating, becoming a member or just learning about what we do.  Thanks for visiting our website and being a part of positive growth.

                                    Richard Hodges, ReTreeUS

                                          Program Manager

Richard is the Founder and Program Manager of ReTreeUS. He is a Maine native who has also lived in Vermont and California. He has decades of experience as an outdoor educator, farmer and arborist. When Richard is not working in orchards and gardens he is likely to be surfing or xc skiing. Richard feels passionately about educating younger generations about environmental stewardship and sustainable agriculture; “a brighter future starts with the youth and the soil”. 

Shelley Kruzewski, ReTreeUS

Program Coordinator

Shelley is the Program Coordinator at ReTreeUS. She has a background in land conservation and management, community planning and development with a focus on land use and the environment. When she is not working with schools and ReTreeUS partners, she is likely to be hiking or at the beach with her two energetic dogs.

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Please contact us to learn more about our program and how we can work together to nourish people and the planet.


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